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Instander Apk is one of the best and most upgraded versions of Instagram, allows you to reap the benefits of its incredible features. It lets users save videos, reels and stories as well as short clips that have been shared by others. You will have more fun with its many other unique and useful features. This app allows users to access a wide range of services and features. Instagram is one the most popular platforms in the world. Instagram is used daily by billions of people worldwide.

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These posts can be viewed but the official app doesn’t allow us to save them. This restriction can be removed with the Amazing app. This app allows users to save media. It has many other features that make your account more valuable than others. It is more popular than the official Instagram version due to its features and qualities. It is able to satisfy its users in a way that the official version could not.

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What is the Instander APK?

You can’t save media files, such as images or videos posted on Instagram, without a downloader. Ghosting is a way to be anonymous on other people’s stories or posts. How can you get a verification badge without going through a tedious and tiring process? These and many other issues affect users of the original Instagram app.

Instander APK, an Instamod for Android devices, is designed to allow Instagram users to access additional features that can solve their problems. As an alternative to the standard IG app, this application gives you access to your Instagram account via its platform. You get the best social experience with its incredible features that are not available in the official app.

This application was designed by thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov), and is completely safe. It comes pre-installed and has professional anti-ban capabilities.

Features of Instander Apk

This app has many amazing features. After reading all the wonderful features, we hope you are satisfied enough to go ahead and download the app on your Android device. These are just a few of the amazing features.

Photos and videos can be saved

Your official app doesn’t allow you to download media. The media you see is only for viewing and cannot be downloaded. This amazing and powerful application allows you to save all kinds of photos and videos on your device. This is a very interesting feature. It also includes a downloader that allows you to quickly and easily download media from your device. People can now save data that interests them and enjoy Instagram in its true essence.

Secret story view

You leave a mark when you view the stories on your official Instagram account. This marks the viewer’s list. But now, the Instander Apk gives you the best feature: secret view stories. This allows you to conceal your presence from people you don’t wish to reveal. You can now enjoy the pleasure of hiding your status to others.

Direct message reading

The official app informs the recipient when they see a message. But, it’s amazing what happens if the message is not seen by the recipient. The instander app can identify this amazing gift. It appears to be a ghost reader, but it does not reveal its presence. This is the best way not to get into unnecessary fights over late replies to messages after seeing.

Stop autoplay

Autoplay is a feature that most people don’t like. Some videos they don’t want to see are the ones that autoplay plays. A second problem is that extra data charges can be applied to mobile data. To avoid these problems, this application has disabled the autoplay function.

It’s easy to download

Any media that is downloaded is saved to your phone’s gallery. It doesn’t change its path, and saves only at a particular location in the gallery. However, you can now use the Instander Apk to change the settings of your data saving from the gallery to the file that you desire.

All Ads Restricted

You are wrong to think that an app that has too many features will be cluttered with ads that will interrupt your enjoyment of videos and other content. You can choose to block all ads and still enjoy Instander.


This application offers a high-security system to keep your data safe and secure.

Downloads and installation

Wait for the download button to finish. Once the downloading is complete, find the file and click the install option. Chrome will prompt you to install unknown apps. Once you have finished downloading, the app will be available for download.


Is there a charge to download?

Yes, the app is free and does not offer any premium features. The app offers all features at no cost to the users.

How do I update Instander Apk

The Instander app has an automatic update system that can automatically update itself without causing any difficulties to its users.


It is a great app that has tons of amazing features. Everybody is interested in social media apps, and Instagram is one of the most popular. Many people have difficulty using Instagram because of its limitations in many ways. However, the Instander Apk has solved all these problems. It has many attractive and useful features.

This app is easy to use. This app can enhance your insta experience by utilizing many of the features mentioned above. The app’s features are all very appealing and should be enough to make anyone download it. It is very useful and helpful because it allows users to disable analytics, even if the original app doesn’t offer this.

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